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HR Department Related Services

We collaborate with our clients to put integrated programs in place to:
  • Create an HR strategy that is closely integrated with both the business strategy and the human capital strategy to support business outcomes while delivering high-value talent and HR services that drive an improved employee and manager experience.
  • Design and implement an HR operating model capable of delivering talent and HR services efficiently and effectively on a global scale to support the critical needs of the business.
  • Drive leading practices and operational excellence across talent and HR processes by aligning those processes to the HR operating model and the underlying HR technology architecture.
An integrated HR strategy, a global HR operating model and supportive processes can transform HR into a finely tuned and nimble organization capable of driving new levels of business value. Accenture is an innovator and thought leader in the HR space. Our wide-reaching research initiative, “The Future of HR,” has identified several key characteristics the HR function must develop to improve its impact on the business:
  • Discover and broker new sources of talent.
  • Build an adaptive and empowered culture.
  • Apply science and fact-based analytics.
  • Develop a learning organization.
  • Redefine jobs and career paths to foster internal and external worker mobility.
Ultimately, Accenture can improve our clients’ HR capabilities and their ability to deliver predictable, high-quality HR services—and at the same we help the HR organization to become a better strategic partner with the business.