Vendor Management – HRS Total Solutions


Vendor management is the discipline of controlling IT costs, maintaining ADM service excellence, and mitigating IT risks when working with vendors throughout the lifecycle of delivered application development and maintenance services. The effective management of vendor-provided services delivers several benefits to an organization including the ability to:

  • Improve Time to Market of New Features or Enhancements
  • Minimize Business Disruptions Due to IT related issues.
  • Avoid Failure to Deliver
  • Manage Technical Debt
  • Meet Quality Requirements
  • Decrease Software Risk
  • Meet Industry Compliance Requirements

A solution that improves the vendor management processes reduces cost, increases throughput, and eliminates unnecessary software risks to your business partners.

Do not allow a lack of visibility into vendor deliverables and performance increase costs and decrease value to your company! An enterprise-based solution that automatically generates vendor management metrics will deliver valuable insight for regaining control of this activity.